Not all facts are truths. Not even the ones your momma emphasized with a “because I say so”. We are brought up by society to think about  life, the future and yourself in a certain way as if it is the only way. In the younger days we absorb all what’s been thought. As we grow older we bare to have a mind of our own and start to think about different aspects of this society as we experience it.
bathroomWe are introduced to different studies about the origin of our existence. Life on earth is a mystical truth. There has been life, there is life, and for all we know there will be as one day it will all disappear…or not. Who knows! Western civilization divides homo sapiens into male and female. A differentiation based on biological differences (sex) such as chromosomes, hormonal profiles, internal and external sex organs.The parting of our species has established our behavior into masculine and feminine (gender). This influenced our social role within cultural standards. So basically the additional characteristics and behavior of a ‘real man’/ ‘real woman’ are defined by people, not nature.


The segregation of sex expands the knowledge about human kind which is useful for insight and medical situations, we get that, but what good is there for everyday life in segregating boys from girls and putting them in certain boxes?  Don’t we want people to get along and unite? What harm can pink pants do to a boy? What makes girls less compatible to play with cars? If life is about discovering and developing, why do we interfere with ones identity?

The answers seem to lead to power. The will to control others for own benefit. Marketing made us think a certain way. Boys clothing, girl shoes, women purse, men socks and so on. We are divided and this segregation makes too much room for judgement. A ‘real man’ can’t wear heals because they are made for women and a ‘real woman’ can cook a full course dinner, really? Why do we stimulate people to discover and develop their identity if society seems to care more about image..

We know now that there are more than two genders as it happens more often that people identify themselves different from their sex. Do we need to get rid of gender? Or can we make it more fluid? Can we have sensitive men and tough women, ballet boys and construction girls, together with stay at home dads and two moms running a family? Can we have transgender people peeing at the toilet of their gender without being looked at? Can we just accept that individuals being different is the norm and we need to unite by heart. Agree with love. We need more unisex!dan

‘The world needs healing!’ Guess we’re on the same frequence MS. Badu!

As we are


LOVE, ms. badu

Afrocentric Amsterdam

The city of humanism. The capitol where you can be you. Amsterdam, worldwide known for its drugs tolerance, its red light district and its gay friendliness. Wooden clogs, cheese, tulips, windmills and  canals are a tourists wet dream. As you can tell, this metropolitan is a travelers must see.

Amsterdam is a melting pot of people. The city beholds the most different nationalities of the world!  Through the years adopting migrants became tradition. On the streets the ‘eye catching’ nationalities are the Moroccan, Turkish, Ghanaian and Surinamese people. Amsterdam is segregated in eight urban area’s.  The West of Amsterdam is known for the Moroccan and Turkish communities as the population in South-East is known for Surinamese and Ghanaian people. The multiculturalism is visible all through town. Shops, people, slang!

The Netherlands is a Eurocentric country. Western civilization is the norm as it seems like all over the world. Biculturalism is especially in Amsterdam not an exception. The diversity of people in this vibrant capitol is an  influence on the over all culture of everyday life . Some love it, some hate it.

Even in a city known for all its tolerance will come a time of change. People are growing and becoming more conscious of different aspects of the world versus their world. We are mentally emancipating. There were question marks appear we address it, we conversate and together we take a stand. We fight. Some have a hard time dealing with change. Who doesn’t want to be comfortable right?!

More and more comes to light that the system is not inclusive.  People of color, for example, still experience subordination. Even when hanging with white friends. There is no crime in that. The crime is that there once was a system of white supremacy implemented which changed here and there but never disappeared. In fact we are still living it and not everybody is aware of that. Thàt is a problem. The ones aware of it still experience it big time, nowadays in somewhat smaller ways. If your last name ain’t Dutch your  letter of application will still not be at least good enough. The mainstream make-up supply in stores is still not focused on all skin tones. Just like pantyhoses, underwear, hair products etcetera etcetera. The positive public representation of eumelanin skinned people is still too exceptional. For what reason?!

A lot of people think of history only as the past. They forget that history is being made by the minute. History makes the now. It means moving up, building future things. For us to move forward we have to learn good ánd bad from historical events and accept its effect. Especially when now it’s not in our own profit. We need to close the box of fear to open a bigger box of empathy so that we can have real opinions, conversations and at least respect one and other who are different from what we are familiar with. We need to stop enforcing somebody’s artificial truths about the planet we all live on.

Some mouths proclaim to this matter to leave the past the past. The thing is, a mirror reflects truths we can’t deny. We can’t just drop it and leave it on the floor. We won’t find what we wish to see in broken pieces. We need to look down in order to clean up every part of what once was whole. Only then we can move on, together. What we need is to become equal. We need knowledge to be able to invision equality in order to practice it individually. For us to grow and expand spiritually, we need to become a responsible community. This society needs black and white healing, interaction and visibility. Maybe even more than acknowledgement. Idealistic? Maybe, but to strive is worth more than society is suffering from right now.